Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratitude in Relationships

Here's a gratitude affirmation from Wayne Dyer: "Thank you, God, for life, for my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" in his book "Inspiration".
Sylvia Boorstein, in the introduction to, "Pay Attention, For Goodness' Sake", talks about the awe and thanksgiving of life. She says we can heal the pain in the world, and never add one single drop of suffering to it with lovingkindness.
In Neale Donald Walsch's "Conversations With God", God answers his question of how to be happy in relationships by saying, Bless every experience, all human encounter, especially personal human relationships. He says (in my interpretation) to let each person worry only about what Self is seeking, creating, experiencing, so that the relationship can benefit magnificently for both, because if you cannot love your Self, you cannot love another.
Louise Hay says somewhat the same thing in "Heal Yourself".

Wow,I made a typo on that title and thought it would make a good title for an inspirational book: "Hear Yourself". Possible chapers: Listen to What You're Saying, Notice Your Feelings, Own Your Truth. What possibilities. I googled, 'Book Title: Hear Yourself' and got 506,000 entries. I didn't check them all but the field looks open. Those chapter titles would make good affirmations, eh? See my Canadian speech even comes out in writing. Probably because I write as if I'm speaking. Eh?
Well, my dears, it's my birthday and I must get out to the polls to vote, so I leave you today with, Listen to what you're saying, notice your feelings, and own your truth.

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