Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Devoted to my right hip

My pets, Kooch the cat, and Petey a Chihuahua mix, have issues with each other. To illustrate, a few days ago, in the early morning, Kooch came into the bathroom with me to get a running-water drink from the sink, as is his habit, and Petey came in to sit at my feet on the toilet mat. Kooch finished his drink, I finished my toilet session and Kooch sat like an Egyptian in the open doorway. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I went into the living room to drink my coffee and read my book. After a few minutes, I realized that Petey hadn't followed me to come snuggle up to my right hip like he usually does. I called, "Petey, where are you love?" but he didn't come. I got up to investigate and found that Kooch was still on guard in the bathroom doorway and Petey didn't have the courage to come out past him. Stalemate.
"Is that cat holding you against your will?" I asked Petey. He was silent and doing his Chihuahua shivers. Chuckling a little, I carried Petey out. I'm sure neither one appreciated my humor over the standoff.
Both are neutered males, close in size (8-10 lbs) and both are a caramel color with white patches. Petey will growl and chase Kooch if he's on the move but if Kooch stops and turns to face him, well, Petey turns all non-chalant. I think he knows that Kooch could take him.
He pulled that growl-chase with one of the feral cat mamas one day and all I could see was a blur of fur. The noise was the thing. Petey was screaming like a banshee. He wasn't even scratched but he was trembling when I picked him up. A valuable lesson for Petey.
I tell him not to tangle with Kooch because Kooch has a nasty temper if threatened. As I know only too well from trying to get him to stop batting the painting in my room. This was his gambit to get me up at night for his midnight snack. The Mermaid painting is unframed and light and I definately don't want it harmed. From a sound sleep this action has me sitting straight up in bed (his intention, I'm sure). One night I reached over to tell him, "Stop that!" and he must have thought I was going to hit him even though I've never done that, and he layed his ears back, hissed, and clawed my hand and arm. "Kooch,"I yelled surprised, then started crying because he'd attacked me.
Kooch and I still have affectionate moments (of his choosing). I always know when he's in the room because Petey gives his low growl. Since I have Petey (the newcomer to the household) on the bed with me at night, Kooch has stopped batting the painting. And Petey is, of course, as always, devoted to my right hip.
I love them both.

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