Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My poem Dream Ride

This is from a dream I had and woke up remembering
so I wrote it down, polished it up, and
here it is:

Dream Ride

There appeared a ring of fire.
Inside the fire was a field of sunflowers.
In each sunflower appeared the human face
of everyone I’ve loved who’s died.
I spoke my love to each one.

The fire died down to embers,
faces and flowers faded away.
In the red light a shape appeared,
a black horse with stars on her back.
She reared and spread her wings.

I crossed the embers on bare feet
and mounted that black angel horse.
I sat in the glow of stars on her back.
Again she reared and lifted from the grass.
Together we rose into the air.

We flew toward the gibbous crescent moon,
then orbited into its full light.
Ablaze in moonlight, we disappeared.
On earth many saw a falling star.
We rode on in Spirit form.

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