Sunday, September 27, 2009

How did the cake come out?

Well, the one with 6 eggs and without 6 tsp. flavorings. Not so hot. Maybe literally. I don't think the 275 degree setting was hot enough. There was an air bubble under where I did the toothpick test, so it came out clean enough, but it wasn't really done all the way through. Now why couldn't I have just thrown all those cracked eggs out? Why add good cake flour and sugar first. Ah well.

The other cake, the one with the butterscotch sauce, that one came out good. The good people at Unity of the Huachucas liked it well enough to eat all but 4 pieces in the 9"x13" pan. John, who seldom eats sweets, had a good size piece when I got home and pronounced it, "Good." A man of very few words, my John.

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