Monday, August 31, 2009

Some of my short poems

Shadows July 1998

Long shadows going west
Upon themselves becoming less,

Will reverse and stretch back east
Until they overtake the sky.

Into pitch of night they slide;
Sun scurrying to hide.


Light through the window drape is glowing,
Pillow over head doesn't stop the knowing

Old ladies with their dogs to walk are stirring,
Fresh breeze the roof vents are a-whirling.

Give your dreams a goodbye nod,
Pledge the day to Mother/Father God.
Tell fear and worry to be gone,
Rise up and face the dawn.

Ghostly Spirit June 1998

Sailing on through time she passes
Flinging the night around her shoulders.

Swift and silent stars shine in her eyes.
Worlds glide beneath her feet.

Many stars and planets pass.
Many beings greet her.

Ghostly Spirit calls the dawn to hide her.
I send my soul along beside her.

Skipping Stones March 2001

Skipping stones across the sky on lake.
I bring my joyful self to contemplate
The mirrored stillness of the shore.

Flat stone hurled as discus skims aloft
Scatters reflection each slap it makes,
Then sways its zees to sandy bottom soft.

Starting journey to shore once more
Worn smother yet for skipping flight.
Endless down to sparkling sand.

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