Friday, July 17, 2009

Right outside my bedroom window

Today I watch as the house finches eat our peaches that have just ripened. Last week Sharon and I spotted a hooded oriole, female and male, gathering palm frond strings from our Mexican fan palm.

Before the monsoon when it was so dry, the javelina came into the yard and ate our spineless prickly pear and during that same dry spell, a mother and her twin fawns, came to eat the shiny leaves of our pear tree.

Isn't that wonderful? A benefit of living at the edge of unpeopled hills and mountains all around. Down here in the Mule Mountains near the Mexico border.

Last night at twilight, pink came into the various shades of grey clouds, making me think of the pink and charcoal colors that were so popular with the boys to wear to dances when I was a senior in High School (late 50s). The pink faded quickly and thunder started rumbling off to the south and lightning flashed all around. Then we had a quick downpour that brought the temperatures down to good sleeping level. The thunder rolled on into the dark of night.

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