Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chick in Shell analogy

Quoting Michael Bernard Beckwith in Spiritul Liberation:

"When we are immersed in the depths of a problem, our situation is like the baby chick encased in its shell. As the chick evolves, the shell becomes a polluted and claustrophobic environment where its space, mobility, and plentitude are challenged. God does not step up to the plate and 'solve' this problem for the chick. The solution has already been placed in the seed of the chick's existence - the chick pecks its own way out when she has sufficiently evolved to maintain a life outside the shell. An so it is with us. All we need to peck our way out of any challenging predicament is already within us, awaiting activation by our taking self-responsibility."

Right here and right now, I acknowledge myself as an ever-evolving being and surrender to the transforming touch of Spirit. Throughout this day, I have dominion over my consciousness and happiness. Patience, forgiveness, and loving kindness are the order of my day.

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