Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Greatness Is Not In Me, I Am In The Greatness

The flow between our spiritual and material worlds is how we live joyfully and with purpose. Prismatic droplets of mist seen in sunlight's clear ray becomes the breath-catching rainbow that arches across the sky. When we are those droplets of mist for Spirit's beam of light, this connection, this touching, creates beauty, from the unexpressed potential of both.

Physical objects in our everyday world can be manifestations of their spiritual essence, just as Spiritual belief, divorced from the tangible world, can be naive. Consider the happiness of bringing a creative idea from the world of spirit into the world of matter.

We are not the source of generosity and fruitful acts, but we can be the vessels through which these virtues flow upon others. Unconditional love expresses in actual service. We build our earthly and spiritual lives by the state of our consciousness. And we create our consciousness in that balance - just as gravity acts on a pendulum's swing, and the droplets of mist are transformed with the sunlight into the rainbow.

Inspired from John Marks Templeton's Worldwide Laws of Life - week 27, law 5, page 322.

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