Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy, busy, but what have I been doing?

Lately, it seems I either can't find time to turn the computer on, or I spend all day on it. One of the time consuming things I've been doing is typing up and shortening an already short story by Dick Francis for reading, get this, next Christmas. I know that I'll forget all about the story that I want for our church's participatory service next Christmas season unless I get it down now. So it's mostly done. Could still be shortened but I'll leave something to do next December. I didn't look for something new this past Christmas so ended up reading the same story by Walter Swan. Good though it is, I'd rather have something new than repeat myself.

Another time consuming chore is getting to doctor's appointments. I went to the orthopedic doc in Tucson last week and that pretty much takes your whole day. I did call my friend Dioney and arranged to meet her for lunch and I squeezed in a quick shop in Trader Joe's. Then yesterday I went to the heart doc in Sierra Vista. And now he wants another test done in Tucson before my scheduled knee surgery - February 9th.

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