Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peace to the Human Race

Continuing the third to first person 'quotes' from Wayne Dyer's "Your Erroneous Zones":

My values are not local. I do not identify with my family, neighborhood, community, city, state (or province), or country. I see myself as belonging to the human race, and an unemployed Austrian is no better or worse than an unemployed Californian. I am not patriotic to a certain boundary; rather I see myself as a part of the whole of humanity. I take no glee in having more enemy dead, since the enemy is as human as the ally. The lines drawn by men to describe how one should be affiliated are not subscribed to by me. I transcend traditional boundaries, which often causes others to label me a rebel or even traitor.

This is my ideal, but in my heart is a strong love of my childhood country - Canada - and the good people I grew up with there who were mostly Scots descent. Of course, I no longer live there or think they are the only or best of God's children. The native peoples of the U.S. and Mexico are as dear to me as my old Scottish families were. So I grow toward this ideal.

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