Saturday, November 1, 2008

Election and Cruising

Down here in the Mile High Mule mountains, eight miles from the border at Naco, where the weather is Autumn-sweet, we Bisbeeites are geared up for election day. The 6,000 or so citizens of this Historic town are enthusiastic voters, if my 100 or so friends, acquaintances and bumper sticker predominance are any indication. At our recent Bisbee Center for Spiritual Living potluck, held at my house, the buzz of my fellow congregants was about how likely Obama was to become our next President. In the dining room, the living room and even out in the front yard, I overheard the candidantes names popping up. Even though the registered percentage of Democrats to Republicans in our town is approximately 40/60 in favor of Repubs, the talk seemed to me to favor a yes for Obama. What a historic moment for this country if this happens.

I'll bet the Presidential and their Vices are exhausted. What a grueling schedule they've been on. I couldn't do 2 days of it. Well, I might do a 3rd day if I were promised a Carribean cruise. Wouldn't that be fun? I'd love to host my whole family, including the friends who are closer than family, together on a luxury liner for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I imagine restful days out on the deck, or by the pool, or in the casino. And exciting night entertainment. And shore excursions in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or whatever tropical island the ship visits. Oh, don't get me started. Needless to say, I am a fan of cruising. I would especially like to book a cruise with Esther and Jerry Hicks of Abraham teachings, Law of Attraction, you know.

There are drawbacks to a cruise, of course. Judging by my one 2-day cruise to Ensenata and Catalina Island, my pitfall would be the abundant food. My old friends from the 70s, Stephanie and Ron Bertocci, used to go on a cruise every year. Stephanie told me she had to lose 5 pounds before and after the cruise because she always gained 10 on every one. While I toured from Miami to Maine with them Stephanie inspired me to lose weight. She had lots of tips. I got down to a size 9. I don't remember how what the weight numbers were but I do remember the clingy, navy-blue dress I bought. Since then I've doubled that size 9. Yike. Maybe I'll check out the fast weight loss website again: You can too, if your interested. It's more fun to do your spruce up with a girlfriend.

Well, Happy Turkey and Pumpkin Pie month, everyone!

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