Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Day Things Kept Breaking

Truly lovely sunny morning, yesterday. First there was a visit from my daughter, Sharon, with lots of laughter. Then a realization, just in time, that if I wanted to get cat food for 10 cents a pound, I'd better get moving. So I did. Got the cat food. Walked Petey, my Chihuahua, in the Sierra Vista Park. Got the water jugs filled on the way.

Arrived back in Bisbee in time to have lunch at the Copper Queen Hospital cafeteria, where 2 of my friends, Donna and Melody, were already eating. They were gracious enough to move to a larger table, so I could join them. Good company. Lunch was delicious: Minestrone soup, codfish filets, vegetable medley, and roasted chunks of seasoned potatoes. Dessert was peach cobbler. Back at home, full and cozy, I read, knitted, went through the mail.

Then things started breaking.

When I went out to the mail box, I noticed the ground around the water meter was wet. Turned out the pipe connection on our side was leaking. Nice mess of mud digging. Then in the house, I noticed that my new cordless phone (1 day old) was piling up Missed Calls. It wasn't ringing. Wouldn't dial out. Broken.

So no water, no phone. But we had a movie to watch. A Netflix. I opened the envelope and guess what? Yes, it was broken. Cracked half way up from the middle. So, even with a good start, I will remember Friday the 7th as the day things started breaking. Who says it's Friday the 13th you have to watch out for?

Today a new start. Replacing pipe and valve. Packing up phone to return. Sending Netflix back.

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